About Me

I’m an imaginative and inspired twenty-year-old woman who hails from a small village in the French part of Switzerland. After mandatory school, I followed my long-time deeply rooted interest in art communication and went to college to study visual art. Not always certain as to where this path would take me, it was during a long solo trip that I finally came to the decision that I would strive to make a living from this passion of mine. This decision led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree at CREA: a marketing, communication and arts school in Geneva. The first school in Switzerland to award a bachelor’s degree in Art Direction. It is here that I was exposed to a variety of differing communication arts and where my curiosity and creativity for art communication was able to flourish.

I have always had big dreams and ambitions and in the near future I see myself travelling and exploring more of the world while practicing visual communication. I am currently seeking a 5-month internship abroad in the field of graphic design beginning this September. I am excited at the prospect of such an opportunity and believe that it would be an invaluable springboard for the future creative endeavors.